‘Sustainable Hardwood Made in Africa’, transforming cities into built forests

24.11.2022. The building and construction sector is responsible for almost 40 percent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions globally. Innovation is making it feasible to use more wood in tall buildings and other infrastructure – helping us “green” our cities because wood stores carbon, requires less energy to produce than many other construction materials, and provides good insulation.

Forests, natural capital for sustaining food production

26.09.2022. When you choose Interholco’s FSC®- certified products (Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC® C022952), you’re helping to take care of forests for future generations. Forest ecosystem services – such as the maintenance of biodiversity, climate regulation, water and soil quality, and pollination – are essential for sustainable agrifood systems and feeding a growing global population.

African hardwood, 'Fair & Precious' by nature

14.09.2022. With 30 years of experience in the African timber industry, Interholco's Vice President Production and Sales Christophe Janssen has been interviewed by the European Coalition for Sustainable Tropical Timber (STTC). Zoom on Interholco's operations and objectives as a 'Fair&Precious' partner.

SPOTT ESG transparency assessment and INTERHOLCO

08.08.2022. This year, INTERHOLCO ranks first in SPOTT’s ESG transparency assessment of 100 timber companies in the tropics. Let’s take a closer look. When it comes to tropical forests, the shortest distance from A to B is, ESG.

The best kept secret in INTERHOLCO ‘s Sustainability report 2022

08.07.2022. Just as 2022 marks INTERHOLCO’s 60th anniversary, the company launches its latest Sustainability Report. Our wood products are the fruit of a people alliance,’ says Ulrich Grauert, INTERHOLCO CEO.With this publication, we want even people sitting miles away from where we harvest and process our wood to see what our  ‘Made in Africa’ stands for.’  

All you need is LOBI, to write a story 1300 children in Congo love

31.03.2022. Easter is fast approaching and INTERHOLCO is launching its new campaign: What does it take to write a story that 1300 children in Congo love? Only one crayon: Lobi! For each Lobi purchased, the equivalent of 15 EUR will be donated to the primary school in the village of Ngombé in the Republic of Congo.

1300 children from Ngombé’s school gain permanent access to clean water

22.03.2022. Increased access to education is closely linked with the availability of decent toilets. In the village of Ngombé in the North of the Republic of Congo, where INTERHOLCO’s production site is based, making sure schools are equipped with an adequate sanitation system has immense advantages.

Let’s choose sustainable hardwood for people and planet

21.03.2022. On International Forest Day, INTERHOLCO is delighted to share photos of this magnificent Kosipo staircase, made by INTERHOLCO customer KORA. Everything here is redolent with spring. As if a blessing had fallen on Kosipo, an African wood that breathes the life of Northern Congo’s forests.

Anchoring cities to forests

15.03.2022. Urban forests can transform cities into healthier places to live, not ‘just’ thanks to trees, but also through wood products for furniture and construction.

Women’s role in Congo, today: a testimonial

10.03.2022. What is the role of women in society? The answers are many and varied. According to Diane TCHICAYA, assistant to the Director General at our production site in the Republic of Congo, If a woman really wants to be of service, she must be able to work. Even if it's not in an office, a woman has to – that’s how she can help.’ 

Carpets unroll for the finest hardwood at Dubai Wood Show 2022

25.02.2022. 8,000 wood professionals know best: from Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 March, the go-to venue for B2B business is back in Dubai! Carpets unroll, as the popular Dubai Wood Show flies back exhibitors from more than 70 countries. INTERHOLCO and Abalon will once again showcase some of the finest, high-quality hardwood from Africa’s rainforests and temperate forests, respectively.

The future grows with wood

17.02.2022. One month into the new year, wood has turned into the cornerstone of future lifestyles. The ‘digital Neanderthal’ humans have as much of a tendency towards cool technology as they have a compelling desire for coziness, warm materials. In short: high-tech, high-touch – and wood is the natural choice.

For the love of tropical forests: INTERHOLCO at Gembloux JobDAY

14.02.2022. INTERHOLCO brought tropical forests to Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (University of Liège) on the occasion of Gembloux JobDAY. Last 18 November, the not-to-be-missed event brought together more than 200 forest management students, some of whom freshly graduated in forestry, agronomy and environment, returning for the first time after the 2020 pause.

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