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  • My choice for fire protection: wood
    My choice for fire protection: wood!

    30.07.2021. Wood is a flammable material, granted. But it also has innate flame-retardant properties. Wooden structures remain highly stable in the event of fire.

My choice for wind design: wood

15.09.2021. A building represents an obstacle to the wind flow. The wind exerts pressures on the building that generate forces perpendicular to the building surface. Therefore, a building must be designed and dimensioned to withstand the strongest winds that are likely to occur during its lifetime at its location.

My choice for organic shapes: wood!

31.08.2021. Boat and furniture builders have been bending wood for many years, to meet hydrodynamic and ergonomic requirements. In buildings, however, these techniques are relatively uncommon.

Bosse, a new form for sculpture

24.08.2021. Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) is a major representative of 20th century sculpture who developed modernism into a personal universe of her own, close to abstract art and strongly inspired by nature.

My choice for fire protection: wood

30.07.2021. Wood is a flammable material, granted. But it also has innate flame-retardant properties. Wooden structures remain highly stable in the event of fire.

Bosse: frame your best moments

16.07.2021. What we remember in life, is the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we made along the way. The others are windows open onto ourselves. At INTERHOLCO, we take care of the frame. You decide who to invite on the journey.

My cost-effective choice: wood!

30.06.2021. Wood saves more or less one third of the time used in conventional building construction. Prefabrication frees the construction process from the uncertainty of weather events. 

Sustainable Hardwood – Made in Africa, good for forest, people and planet

05.06.2021. A forest is more than a question of trees. People live in and from it, shaping their survival, identity and beliefs around it. At the same time, a forest is home to hundreds of species of animals and trees; it feeds water basins, stocks carbon and regulates rain regimes which affect far away countries.

My energy-efficient choice: wood

02.06.2021. Buildings have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment. During their construction, occupancy, renovation, repurposing, and demolition, buildings use energy, water, and raw materials, generate waste, and emit potentially harmful atmospheric emissions.

Supporting customers with trust

26.05.2021. In December 2020, INTERHOLCO passed the FSC® audit, which took place in the field. 'At INTERHOLCO, we strive for honesty, integrity,' says Tom van Loon, Head of Sustainability, INTERHOLCO. 'We place utmost importance on successful long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers.'

Listening to forest peoples to deliver solutions

24.05.2021. In Baka language ‘Musungui’ means, ‘to help one another’. The spirit of ‘Musungui’ is what best describes INTERHOLCO’s ALLIANCE: the ability to deliver solutions, joining forces. One of the solutions is, in fact, listening. Listening makes it possible to pinpoint key factors, measures that need to be improved at strategy level. 

Friends of the forest 2/2

21.05.2021. As agreed with the Congolese state, owner of the parks as well as of the Ngombé forest, INTERHOLCO is required to secure the area against unauthorised settlement, illegal harvesting, poaching, bushmeat trade and irreversible change.

My future-proof choice: wood

18.05.2021. The term ‘future-proofing’ in relation to sustainable design began to be used in 2007. In this context, ‘future-proof’ generally refers to energy conservation; in particular, the ability of a structure or design to minimize the effects of future global temperature rise and/or rising energy costs.

Kosipo: contemporary chic organic

11.05.2021. And now, for an unusual use of wood!  The choice of Kosipo, a superior hardwood that INTERHOLCO offers with FSC certification, draws the attention to the washbasin which acquires an aesthetically dominant role.

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