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Our FSC and PEFC certification

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) promotes well managed forests, i.e. environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

For a comprehensive list of the principles that we commit to, as shown by our FSC certification, please refer to the FSC web site: https://ic.fsc.org/en/what-is-fsc-certification/principles-criteria

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is another international standard for sustainable forest management.

To see the full list of the principles that we commit to, as shown by our PEFC certification, please refer to the PEFC web site: https://www.pefc.org/standards/sustainable-forest-management/requirements-criteria

Our Sustainability Agenda and the EU Timber Regulation

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Procurement Rules as part of the Sustainability Agenda

Since 2006, Interholco has operated a system for the verification of the legality of its wood products. 

The system comprises a due diligence process to audit the legality of procurement sources and progressively increase the volume of 3rd party legality verified timber sources. 

As a matter of principle, we decided to avoid controversial sources (based on the Controlled Wood and Controlled sources2 categories) and progressively increase procurement volumes of FSC® and PEFCTM certified timber.

Currently, about 90% of Interholco’s sources are 3rd party verified and, 70% of wood products sourced are FSC® certified.

Our due diligence system comprises a risk assessment to establish ahead of any procurement commitment the level of potential legality risks which may arise from the respective wood species, country of origin, forest of origin, or supplier. In case of potential risks, we give preference to procure goods supplied with a certificate confirming legality as a minimum requirement or preferably a confirmation of both legality and responsible forest management. If such certificates cannot be obtained, we will initiate our own audit procedures to verify legality.

As a result of our efforts, Interholco was the first company to obtain in 2014 NEPCon LegalSourceTM certification, demonstrating that our due diligence system conforms to EU TR requirements1

Interholco also has an FSC Chain of Custody and a PEFC Chain of Custody certification, implementing the PEFC Due Diligence System.

Please ask our sales team for our large panel of certified and 3rd party verified legal timber, the best proof of compliance with the EU Timber Regulation, the US Lacey Act and Controlled Sources2.

With reference to the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the US Lacey act, we would like to inform you how INTERHOLCO AG  ensures that we and our customers are in compliance with the “Due Diligence” aspects of the legislation.

Today many customers rely on us concerning the legality of timber sources. We take this seriously and therefore have implemented means and measures to organize ourselves to give to you the best and most reliable service possible.

We confirm that any wood product we import into the EU or the USA will undergo our Due Diligence process, that meets the definition of “due diligence” under the European Union Timber Regulation (EU TR)1, the PEFC standard2, and the definition of “due care” under the United States Lacey Act3

Taking into consideration the risks of the country of harvest, the supplier and species, we have obtained the necessary information and documentation in order to satisfy ourselves to a high level of confidence that the products are compliant with the national laws and regulations of the country of harvest.

Interholco’s due diligence in procuring legal timber for our customers encompasses: 

1. access to information describing the wood and wood products, such as country of harvest, species, quantity, details of  the supplier and information on compliance with the national legislation;

2. systematic assessment of the risk of illegal timber in the supply chain, based on information identified above and taking into account criteria set out in the EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act;

3. implementation of risk mitigation measures and procedures if high risk is identified, including requiring additional information or documents and/or requiring 3rd party verification. Certification or 3rd party legality verified timber gives the best proof of legal compliance for wood from high risk areas.

In particular for non-certified wood or wood products where non negligible risk has been identified, we assess in detail the risk of each supplier, collect legal documents indicating compliance with the applicable legislation, and suppliers sign a declaration of legality. Based on our risk assessment, if we still identify risk, we either ask additional information, audit suppliers or alternatively request 3rd party verification.

--> The best proof for compliance with legality is 3rd party legality verified or certified timber1, including a certified chain of custody.  Please request for our certified or legality verified timber.

Background- The EU TIMBER REGULATION (EU TR) and the US Lacey Act

In 2008, the USA Amended the Lacey Act, to include plants, making it unlawful to trade, transport or possess any plant which was produced or traded in violation of any law or regulation.

In 2010, the European Union created new legislation to ban illegal wood from being placed on the EU market. The “EU Timber Regulation” (prohibits placing illegally harvested and produced timber products on the EU market, requiring ‘operators’, usually the importer, to practice due diligence to minimise risk. 

It also requests to assure traceability of wood products within the EU back to the ‘operator’.

The Regulation applies since 3 March 2013 and affects timber trade of all 27 EU Member States, requires operators to have systems in place that assure that the timber is from legal origin – or face sanctions.


Responsible Forestry and Procurement

La gestion forestière et l’approvisionnement responsable

IHC Implementation EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act

Interholco - FSC CoC/CW certificate

Interholco - PEFC CoC certificate

Interholco - TLV (Timber Legality Verification) certificate

Interholco - NEPCon LegalSourceTM certificate

1 Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market)

2 PEFC ST 2002:2013: Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products: Ch. 5 (Minimum DDS requirements) and, Definition 3.8 Controlled Sources.

3 2008, Amendments to the Lacey Act from H.R. 2419, Sec. 8204

4 Commission implementing Regulation (EU) No 607/2012 of 6 July 2012, art. 4, Risk assessment and mitigation: “Certification or other third-party verified schemes referred to in the first indent of the 2nd paragraph of Article 6(1)(b) and in Article 6(1)(c) of Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 may be taken into account in the risk assessment and risk mitigation procedures where they meet the following criteria: …”. FSC, PEFC and legality verified wood that Danzer provides comply with these requirements. 

5 Interholco NC-LS-0000160, Scope: wood products procured by Interholco AG outside the EU and placed on the EU market.


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Mr Tom van Loon 
Environmental and Social Responsibility Manager