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Wood: unique, natural, high quality

Wood is a very popular raw material. Hardly any other material has such an impressive mix of qualities. The large variety of wood and wood products, its technical properties and the innumerable ways it can be used make wood so attractive a raw material.


The individuality of wood surfaces is unrivaled. Wood can be combined with a wide range of materials, such as glass, stainless steel, cloth or paint. The fact that it is so easy to work with and comes in such a variety of different types are the reasons that architects, designers and furniture makers like to use this raw material for their conceptions. Furniture with veneer surfaces made of real wood instead of plastic imitations appear elegant and more valuable. The unique, individual structure of the wood reflects the beauty of nature and creates a pleasant ambiance.


Wood is a natural material derived from living matter with a special significance in nature and the natural environment. People have been using this raw material from time immemorial to generate energy and as a building material. Wood is also an extremely robust material. The oldest half-timbered houses in Germany are nearly seven hundred years old. Wood also makes for excellent insulation. Instead of conducting heat away, it stores warmth in its cellular structure. That is why wooden houses have a much better energy balance than massive houses or buildings made of glass and steel. The atmosphere in wooden houses is especially pleasant.

High quality

The importance of real wood for interior finishing is growing. Select types of wood create a special atmosphere. Wood is a material used for luxury articles, for the interior paneling in high-quality automobiles and for interior decoration in yachts and airplanes. Its warm, emotional aura and its natural feel make an exciting contrast to modern technology. Creative wood processing also gives articles of daily life and individual and high-quality character.

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