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IFO (Industrie Forestière d’Ouesso), is our production site. Located in the Republic of Congo, IFO manages a 1.2 million ha forest according to FSC-certified environmental standards. The company sustainably harvests, processes, transports and markets timber and timber products from a large range of African species. The industrial base of IFO consists of three sawmills including a recuperation mill, as well as dry kilns, planning/profiling (S4S) and a finger-jointing department for door and window frames.

In order to be able to keep up the required standards we are constantly looking for new talented individuals, who are eager to enter our wood harvesting and processing world, as well as more experienced specialists mainly for

  • Forest Management and Exploitation
  • Sawmilling, Saw filing
  • Mechanic Maintenance and Electricity
  • Glue-Lam production
  • Logistics
  • Finance and Administration

If you are interested in working with us in the African timber industry, please send us your CV and motivation letter. We are constantly looking for talented and motivated individuals.